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Carestream’s DIRECTVIEW CR systems are designed to streamline patient throughput, speed work­flow and increase cost-efficiency. Three computed radiography models allow you to choose the plates-per-hour performance that matches your facility’s needs. We also offer both single- and multiple-cassette capability. Whatever your CR choice, you can count on excellent image quality, a space-saving footprint and easy, user-friendly operation.

Product Description

Improved Workflow and Patient Throughput

Classic and Elite CR Systems are small, easy to install and simple to use. These distributed computed radiography systems produce high-quality images, yet have footprints small enough for an X-ray room or an X-ray control console room.

Two CR solutions offer an identical set of high-performance features, with two throughput options:

  • The Classic CR System handles up to 69 cassettes per hour,* making it ideal for small and mid-sized facilities
  • The Elite CR System operates at up to 90 cassettes per hour,* to meet the needs of larger facilities with higher workflow volume
18 x 24 cm 24 x 30 cm 14 x 14 in
(35 x 35 cm)
14 x 17 in
(35 x 43 cm)
15 x 30 in
35 x 84 in
Classic CR 77 58 77 69 92 68
Elite CR 100 76 102 90 122 88

You rely on Carestream CR and DR systems for quality image capture. Now a single software platform powers them both. CARESTREAM DIRECTVIEW V5 DR and CR Software eliminates the need to learn and use multiple programs, and offers a broad range of options to add-on features to meet your specific needs.

Satisfaction across the enterprise

The CR and DR compatible DIRECTVIEW V5 Software offers benefits for stakeholders throughout your facility:

  • Technologists learn and use one common platform for more consistent exposures and less retakes and repeat exams
  • Radiologists get high-quality diagnostic images in less time
  • IT departments receive reliable and secure performance
  • Administrators see greater productivity and ROI
  • Patients receive faster diagnosis and enhanced care