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Carestream Vue Motion

Referring physicians, clinicians and patients need real-time, on-demand access to imaging results and data to provide more responsive patient care. CARESTREAM Vue Motion (physicians, clinicians ) and My Vue (patients) are zero-footprint vendor-neutral image viewers that uses a web browser or information embedded in an EMR portal to provide easy access to imaging data and patient information by on-site or remote clinicians. Vue Motion is FDA cleared for use on iPads, iPhone 4s, Galaxy Note® and Galaxy S® III mobile devices.

Product Description

Intuitive, on-demand access for a comprehensive view. 

  • Vue Motion can be implemented as part of a Carestream solution or as an independent viewer. 
  • PACS-agnostic, it can be integrated with a third-party PACS or DICOM archive, embedded within an EMR or EHR portal, or used through URL activation. 
  • The image viewer is built on Web and platform independent technologies to provide advanced back-end rendering and streaming, and access from a variety of browser-enabled devices utilizing HTML5. 
  • Vue Motion requires no local installation or download and uses a single, intuitive user interface—no dedicated applications training required. 
  • Vue Motion supports sticky notes communication, order information entry, and side-by-side image display for comparison and synchronization of a series or prior images. 
  • The viewer offers simple to use viewing tools, such as a timeline for accessing historical images, zoom, pan, window, line measurements and cine to optimize image review, as well as a single click to corresponding reports and notes

Fast, Simple, Secure Sharing. With MyVue, a unique and secure log-in is generated and emailed to each patient after their exam. Patient images, information and reports can be accessed through the secure log-in from a variety of Web-browser enabled devices. Once registered, patients can view their study or portfolio and manage who they want to share with (physician or non-physician). The patient has control of sharing options: 

  • Sharing period
  • Single study or entire portfolio
  • Allow additional sharing levels
  • Hide patients details
  • Send automatic e-mail 
  • Optional message

After checking consent, a patient grants shared access. The shared user receives an e-mail request to join. The guest clicks on the link and registers or logs into the system to view the study or portfolio. Additional sharing and collaboration is granted by the patient. MyVue can be a stand-alone patient portal as part of radiology solution or Enterprise Archive, or embedded within an existing HIS or EMR patient portal.


Standards based health information exchange (HIE) can provide seamless transfer of healthcare information across different facilities and disparate IT systems. By connecting systems across a distributed healthcare organization – and by connecting different organizations across a community or region – an HIE facilitates higher-quality, more timely care. Accurate, up-to-date patient and clinical information is available where it is required – with no need to deliver physical documents or media, and with far less risk of conflicting or missing information.

The Unified Core of the Clinical Collaboration Platform supports standards-based workflow including:

  • HL7: HL7 and FHIR
  • Other non-DICOM interfaces

A standards-based HIE improves coordination of care while substantially reducing the cost, inconvenience and risk of unnecessarily repeating diagnostic procedures. Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration platform offers several XDS actors and functionalities:

  • Document Source: Vue Archive manages XDS lifecycle as well as HL7 (IOCM). Zero footprint Acquisition Portal and mobile acquisition for meta-data tagging.
  • Document Repository: Vue Archive with extensive tag-morphing and DICOM take-over at meta-data level
  • Document Registry: Vue Connect creates global patient worklist using meta-data synchronization, smart routing, tunneling and streaming ensures ad-hoc access performance. Complements existing MIP or IHE-PIX
  • Document Consumer: Vue Motion seamlessly embeds into EMR or HIE portal. Implements BPPC & XUA for security and patient consent.