Carestream Vue PACS

  • Carestream Vue PACS

Carestream Vue PACS

Carestream provides one workspace for the clinical tools and applications physicians and radiologists need for convenient local and remote reporting. Web-enabled diagnostic viewer has integrated advanced visualization, 3D post processing, lesion management, dictation, critical results notification and a mammography module that eliminates the need for dedicated workstations.

Product Description

C-Suite: Gain efficiency, cost savings and scalability
  • Provides enterprise-wide review, data management, distribution and archiving.
  • Eliminates time and costs for radiologists to switch between multiple workstations.
  • Connects all existing PACS with a SuperPACS architecture option to create a global worklist and enable multiple sites to function as one.

IT Managers: Streamline set-up, integration and standards compliance

  • Provides a scalable, Web-enabled platform with concurrent license setup.
  • Integrates smoothly even in complex, multi-vendor scenarios.
  • Complies with XDS, HL7, DICOM and IHE standards.

Radiologists: Report efficiently and improve diagnostic confidence

  • Offers one workspace for routine reading and 3D capabilities that rival stand-alone systems.
  • mammography module allows you to read traditional general radiography or traditional mammograms, breast ultrasound, breast MRI and digital breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) exams from a single PACS.
  • PowerViewer automates registration and volumetric matching of studies created at different times by different modalities.
  • Uses streaming to enable fast review of exams over low bandwidth.

RIS/PACS Administrators: Leverage the productivity of a single system

  • Eliminates costs to purchase, configure, maintain and train on multiple systems. 
  • Improves user and referring physician satisfaction


Taking lesion management to the next level.

Precise lesion measurement is critical for reliable evaluation of metastatic disease and faster assessment of the patient response to Cancer treatment. Traditional PACS cannot enable simple quantitative comparisons of historical exams – especially those imported from disparate PACS or modalities.

Our new lesion management application is an embedded application that does not require a dedicated workstation and significantly enhances assessment of oncology patients:

  • Provides lesion management as a native PACS clinical tool
  • Accepts prior exam results as baseline images from 3rd-party PACS and from numerous modalities
  • Boosts radiologist productivity by simplifying segmentation and analysis
  • Provides volumetric data with PowerViewer to simplify the comparison process between different data sets
  • Supports oncology follow up with bookmarking and tracking of general anatomy over time
  • Eliminates the cost of dedicated Workstations

Lesion management measurement can show whether a lesion is growing or shrinking over time.  Clinicians appreciate the expanded value of the comprehensive oncology imaging reports in accordance to industry standards such as Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST). Consistent, standardized oncology image reporting allows far clearer and more meaningful communication and collaboration between physicians.

Carestream DICOM and IHE Statements

Connectivity and interoperability helps modern healthcare facilities around the world provide optimal patient care and lower healthcare costs. Carestream Health’s portfolio of medical imaging and health IT products is designed to assure integration among all radiology equipment and with applications in a patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Carestream DICOM connectivity and certification statements are available for customers to understand their imaging system’s compliance with the digital imaging and communication in medicine standard. IHE statements detail Carestream radiography and healthcare information systems multi-vendor integration capabilities through the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise initiative.

The New Benchmark in Health IT

CARESTREAM Vue is a next-generation healthcare information technology platform that simplifies RIS+PACSreporting  in radiologycardiology and mammography.

With thousands of proven implementations worldwide, Vue's scalable enterprise workflowvendor-neutral archiving and cloud-based services streamline workfl­ow, support clinical excellence and help deliver quality patient care.

Vue merges Carestream’s lineage of imaging innovation with leading-edge IT technology, so you can:

  • Manage patients not pixels – shift the reporting workflow paradigm to easily provide global imaging patient records.
  • Collaborate and share – enable on-demand access to critical clinical insight regardless of system or geography.
  • Infinitely scale – seamlessly manage and archive all imaging source and document formats beyond traditional radiology or cardiology departments, throughout the entire image lifecycle.