Carestream Vue Reporting

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Carestream Vue Reporting

Slash your report turnaround time from days to hours with CARESTREAM Vue Reporting. Native voice recognition, RIS or PACS integration, single sign-on and structured, user-defined reports with embedded patient data combine to take the complexity and manual entry out of diagnostic reporting—all you need to complete an exam is a mouse and a microphone. 

Product Description

Accelerate Results Delivery

Time is of the essence. Delays can slow the diagnostic process. With Vue Reporting your diagnostic reports are completed faster with more clinical context for timely patient service and improved quality of care:

  • Pick up the microphone and dictate
    • Cursor moves via spoken commands
    • Clinical context, measurements and DICOM data automatically populates
    • Key images captured directly in report
  • Review and approve the report to sign off
    • Structured reports automatically route back to originating HIS or EMR

Report From Anywhere

Diagnostic reporting complexities are magnified in multi-site environments where radiologists must train and master multiple interfaces and systems. Vue Reporting enables:

  • Single sign-on to a consistent GUI and toolset with the native application (RIS or PACS)
  • Access to dictation or voice recognition anywhere with user privilege
  • Automatic routing of structured reports back to originating HIS or EMR
  • Quicker report turn-around time improving referring physician satisfaction
  • Increase in accuracy with virtually no manual entry
  • Content-rich reports that includes key images and analysis for enhanced clinical value

Benefits Throughout Your Enterprise

Vue Reporting takes productivity and satisfaction to new levels.


  • Simple and fast report generation
  • Reporting from anywhere, with Vue RIS or PACS
  • Single sign-on and management
  • Minimized manual entry for more accurate data
  • Enhanced clinical value, as measurements and analysis are automatically populated


  • Reduced costs and better outcomes
  • Elimination third party dictation acquisition and integration costs
  • Better service to referring and clinicians with quicker report turnaround
  • Single system for ease of management and training


  • Content-rich reports that include key images and analysis for enhanced the clinical value
  • Quicker report turn-around time, allowing timely patient service and enhanced quality of care


The New Benchmark in Health IT

CARESTREAM Vue is a next-generation healthcare information technology platform that simplifies RIS+PACSreporting  in radiologycardiology and mammography.

With thousands of proven implementations worldwide, Vue's scalable enterprise workflowvendor-neutral archiving and cloud-based services streamline workfl­ow, support clinical excellence and help deliver quality patient care.

Vue merges Carestream’s lineage of imaging innovation with leading-edge IT technology, so you can:

  • Manage patients not pixels – shift the reporting workflow paradigm to easily provide global imaging patient records.
  • Collaborate and share – enable on-demand access to critical clinical insight regardless of system or geography.
  • Infinitely scale – seamlessly manage and archive all imaging source and document formats beyond traditional radiology or cardiology departments, throughout the entire image lifecycle.