Konica Nano CR w/CS-7

  • Konica Nano CR w/CS-7

Konica Nano CR w/CS-7

The compact yet mighty Nano CR – REGIUS® Model 110 is a compact yet mighty,  high-performance single-bay CR reader that delivers speed for an efficient workflow with reliable, high-quality imaging that you expect from a leader in digital X-ray. Designed to satisfy a broad range of needs—from hospitals to private practices—the Nano CR offers flexible configuration options to help you get the most from your digital X-ray investment. The Control Station is based in CS-7/Windows 10 software.

The Nano CR (REGIUS Model 110) is a high performance single bay Computed Radiography system that can process up to 76 plates an hour (14” x 17”) for fast patient turnaround time and improved workflow. Its touch screen control station provides intuitive software tools for generating superior image quality with a few easy steps. This compact, single bay reader is designed with dependable, high quality components to ensure system reliability. With a variety of system configurations, Nano CR will satisfy a broad range of needs from those of a large hospital facility or imaging center, to that of a stand-alone clinic, private practice or surgery center. Whether it is networked with another Nano CR, an Xpress® CR, or the AeroDR® system, Nano CR delivers speed, workflow, and redundancy.

Product Description


Linear Motor Technology for a smooth plate transport mechanism.

Hybrid Processing, a patented Konica Minolta innovation, divides an image into multiple frequency bands to produce a more natural looking image.

Two resolutions are available. In addition to the standard resolution, Nano CR is capable of a high resolution of 87.5 µm, which provides diagnostic quality images where recognition of subtle pathological changes is essential, such as special extremity and pediatric applications.

Any Reader, Any Time: images are always displayed on the control station where the plate is registered, helping to maximize turnaround times.

Nano CR provides flexible configuration options. It's capable of networking with additional units in order to meet your specific workflow needs, as well as provide optimal support for true redundancy.

Compact Design with the Smallest Depth of 365 mm

The Nano CR features an astonishingly compact design with a footprint of only 0.27 m2.

Flexible Placement Options

Operation panel location is adjustable at the user facility.

The two way setting method allows selection of two patterns of layout depending on the facilities space limitations. Nano CR is adaptable to a variety of environments, and with its small footprint is the ideal solution for any facility where space is at a premium.

Entirely Simple, Comfortable Operability

Nano CR allows for easy operation with the simple installation of an exposed cassette. The height of the cassette slot is 710 mm.

Konica Minolta understands that in today’s healthcare environment facilities need solutions that provide economic value. The Nano CR can use existing cassettes* as exposure cassettes.

*Only Cassettes & Plates which were produced after April, 2004 can be used.

Compact, Speedy, and Powerful

Compact, yet powerful, the Nano CR delivers processing performance of up to 76 sheets/hour, achieving a high-speed processing cycle of up to 47 seconds/plate (depending on model type).



Direct Digitizer REGIUS MODEL 110

Exposure size 14”×17”/14”×14”/11”×14”/10”×12”/8”×10”/
18×24cm/24×30cm/15×30cm and other sizes
Sampling Pitch 2 Types:87.5μm/175μm
Maximum Resolution 4020×4892 (14”×17”/87.5μm)
Digital Gradation Level 4096 levels (12bit)
Processing Capability up to 76 plates/hour (14”×17”/175μm)
Cassette Feed/Load Time or Cassette Cycle Time approx. 47-59 seconds (14”×17”/175μm) (depending on model type)
Outer Dimensions/Weight W740×D365×H747mm/approx. 100kg
Power Consumption AC100/110/115/120/200/220/230/240V ±10%
50/60Hz approx. 0.8kVA
Operating Conditions Temperature:15-30℃
Humidity:35-80%RH (no condensation)