Quantum CRescendo MAX

  • Quantum CRescendo MAX

Quantum CRescendo MAX

Boost CR productivity with a workflow leader. Maximize throughout, productivity , and patient satisfaction with the CARESTREAM DirectView Max CR System.

Product Description

A next generation workflow leader, this system has been developed in direct response to customer feedback and evolving technology. The Max CR Systems provides “drop-and-go” cassette processing that reduces radiograph queuing and waiting at the reader. Processed images can be sent automatically to pre-selected destinations without manual intervention.

Drop-and-go cassette processing, remote operations panel – and more! Distributed workflow is achieved with a wall-mounted CARESTREAM DirectView Remote Operations Panel, allowing study functions to be performed in the examination room. As a result, radiographers are free to spend more time with each patient, and more time performing examinations. Key improvements include faster throughput, easier cassette loading, expanded software capabilities, and reduced service-access requirements for greater placement flexibility, Part of Carestream Health’s broad digital portfolio, the Max CR Systems offers the image quality, reliability, support and service you expect from Carestream Health.

Simpler Image Management 
• Minimize errors with a system configuration that prohibits distribution without image approval 
• Route image automatically to multiple DICOM destinations 
• User are alerted when patient data is incomplete or image delivery is pending 
• View the status of the last printer to which the system forwarded an image 
• Avoid image loss from power failure with standard on-board, uninterruptible power supply (UPS)


Fast Through Put
• Process up to 101 cassettes an hour
• Handle 16 cassettes at one time: up to 8 queued for processing, and 8 erased and ready for new imaging studies
 • Cassette is ready to reuse in 40 Sec
 • Review an image in 34 seconds at a DIRECTVIEW Remote Operations Panel
• “Drop-and-go” workflow virtually eliminates radiographer queuing at the reader and allows you to forward images directly to multiple network destinations (laser imager, diagnostic workstation, or archive) without radiographer intervention.
• Print the first image on film in 65 seconds using a DRYVIEW 6850 Laser Imager 

Enhance workflow and productivity
 • Complete an exam in as few as four screens depending on system configuration
• Save time and effort with a barcode reader for patient/cassette/exam ID
• Perform virtually all study functions in the examination room with a wall-mounted Remote Operations Panel – reducing the cost, time, dose and inconvenience of repeated exposures.
• Integrate CR and DR floor model systems together with the optional DIRECTVIEW Capture Link System to streamline workflow when a study includes CR and DR Images


DIRECTVIEW Max CR Systems Specifications 


• Height: 53 in. (132.1 cm) 
• Width: 41 in. (104.1 cm)
• Depth: 30 in. (76.2 cm) 
• Weight: 956 lb (433.6 kg) 
• Monitor: 17.0 in. flat panel touch-screen, full color, 1280 x 1024 matrix

• Capable of handling up to 8 exposed cassettes and 8 erased cassettes at a time
• Throughput: up to 101 cassettes / hour 
• Time for cassette insertion to image at network: 34 sec. or less 

Grey Scale
 • 4096 (12-bit grayscale)

• Includes an on-board, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 100-120 VAC 10 Amps 50/60 Hz 200-240 VAC 5 Amps 50/60 Hz

Heat Dissipation 
• 1400 BTU/HR Max 

• 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-T Network Adapter 

• FDA, UL, cUL, CE Mark 
• System is certified as a casual patient contact medical device

Intuitive, powerful user interface 
• Learn and use the system quickly with an intuitive interface designed for simple, consistent operation on DIRECT VIEW CR and DR Systems 
• Use the same interface at the units 17” flat – panel touch screen and at the remote operations panel 
• Pre-select up to 24 unique profiles of multiple destinations 
• Customize and preset time display parameters to suit department preferences
• Choose the order in which patient records appear non the work list screen t suit user preference – alphabetical, oldest first, newest first. 

Maintain high diagnostic standards 
• Process images with built-in state-of-the-art DIRECTVIEW Image Processing Software 
• Take image quality and diagnostic confidence to a new level with optional DIRECTVIEW EVP Plus Software that provides extended image latitude without loss of detail contrast. 
• Optimize image viewing with optional black surround/ masking software 
• Improve image quality through optional automatic detection and suppression of gridline artifacts
Image Preparation and productivity features 
• Improve image preparation with a configurable text box 
• Accept all study images without the need to access each individual image. 
• Increase image quality and reduce retakes by magnifying an image area from one-quarter to full resolution to help identify patient position and movement.
• Reduce keystrokes by preloading procedure and exam information 
• Automatically remove patient records cancelled by the HIS/RIS from the CR database 
• Use an enhanced trauma button to quickly select a custom patient record when multiple trauma patients must be imaged
• Promote productivity by identifying areas for improvement with an optional “reject image reason” data-entry tool. 
• Optional DICOM work list management service class user software lets you obtain patient information directly from the HIS/RIS, eliminating the need for the radiographer to enter this information at the CR
• Optional IHE scheduled workflow software automatically notifies the HIS/RIS of exam status to increase productivity with consistent patient and ordering information