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Quantum Rad-X-Systems

Quantum RAD-X High Frequency Radiographic Imaging Systems offer great flexibility while providing exceptional imaging capability at a cost-effective price. Quantum's "State-Of-The-Art" RAD-X Radiographic System is comprised of the QS-508 Tubestand and the QT-730 Radiographic Table.

Product Description

The use of Quantum's Ultra High Frequency generators deliver near constant potential power for optimal imaging. Utilizing the most advanced electronic and software technologies, these x-ray generators provide significant advantages. All Quantum generators are standard with Anatomical Programming Radiology (APR), specifically designed for routine and specialty views. An easy menu driven process produces superb images with minimal operator intervention, allowing the attention and focus to remain on patient safety and comfort.



QS-508 Radiographic Tubestand
• Floor to Ceiling (or Wall Mount) with 8 ft long tracks and 72" (183 cm) longitudinal travel
• Operator Control Handgrip with multi-function, fingertip controls for vertical, horizontal and angulation movements;
“All Locks” release switch in grips; angulation gauge; source-to-image distance LED
• FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking system and integral counterbalancing ensure safe easy use
• Vertical Travel of 60.5" (154 cm) with minimum floor to focus distance of 13.75" (35 cm)
• Electromagnetic tube angulation of +/- 135°, with detents at 0°, +/- 90°
*Specifications are subject to change

QT-730 Radiographic Enclosed Style Table
• 74" (188 cm) Tabletop length, 28" (71 cm) Width, and 31.75" (81cm) Height
• 650 lb (295.5 kg) Patient Load Capacity
• “Flat-Top” Table design with low absorption material and easy maintenance finish
*Specifications are subject to change