RadPRO 40kW

The RadPRO 40kW is a digital mobile x-ray system. Equipped with a CXDI Canon flat panel detector, the system captures high quality diagnostic images and uses a fast processing time. The 40kW also eliminates the need for film, chemistry-based systems or carrying cassettes to a CR reader.

Product Description

The RadPRO 40kW is an efficient, digital mobile x-ray system, equipped with digital flat panel detectors from Canon. The 40kW can capture high-quality diagnostic images for most radiographic applications, while adding the flexibility of patient positioning and the ability to manage or manipulate images at bedside. The system completely eliminates the need for film, chemistry-based systems or carrying cassettes to a CR reader, improving both turnaround times and diagnostic imaging quality.

High Resolution, Low Dosage

The RadPRO 40kW comes equipped with Canon CXDI flat panel detectors. Depending on the operating facility’s needs, each portable and general series system has either a Gadolinium Oxysulfide or Cesium Iodide scintillator to produce high resolution images that may be previewed within 3-5 seconds after exposure.

Single or Dual Panel Solution

The RadPRO 40kW are available in both single detector and dual panel detector configurations with the Canon CXDI-55G/C, Canon CXDI-60G/C and the Canon CXDI-70C Wireless.

Mobile Radiography

The RadPRO 40kW brings convenience to patients with limited mobility. This mobile solution can be brought to the patient’s bedside, instead of bringing the patient to the radiography room. Even outside the facility, a large 15” or 17” touchscreen is provided for the operator to have complete program control during the examination.

Easy Maneuvering and Positioning

Capable of power-assisted pressure sensitive steering, the RadPRO 40kW Digital Mobile X-ray System unit is simple to control and drive. The 40kW is also equipped with a telescoping tube arm of six (6) additional inches in length to provide flexible positioning management at a patient’s bedside. Equipped with precision positioning buttons, the x-ray system enables operators to easily adjust the mobile unit from the handles of the tube arm if needed.

High-Powered Generator

The 40kW system carries a high frequency generator that provides up to 150kVp, 500mA, and 500mAs. This high-frequency generator makes the x-ray system powerful enough to shoot through most patients, including obese patients. Equipped with two battery systems, the RadPRO 40kW provides independent power for increased productivity.

kW Rating 40 kW
kVp Range 40 to 150 kVp
mA Range 10 – 500 mA Selectable
Number of mA Stations 18
Exposure Time Range 0.001 – 10 sec.
mAs Range 0.1 – 500 mAs
Generator Integration Yes, 3 PT technique
Battery / Capacitor Battery / Capacitor
Anatomical Programs 500+ Anatomical settings
Line Requirements Single Phase Line Regulation from 100 – 240 Vac (+/-10%)
X-Ray Tube
Anode Heat Capacity 300 kHu
Focal Spot 0.6 / 1.2 mm
Target Angle 12º (Optional 16º)
Tube Rotation “X” Axis +/- 155°
Tube Rotation “Z” Axis 90°
Tube Travel – Vertical 57 inches (145 cm)
Tube Travel – Horizontal 23.6 inches (60 cm)
Tube Arm
Counterbalanced Tube Arm Yes
Collimator Manual
Lock Release Points 5
Tube Arm Reach 48.8 inches (124 cm)
Column Rotation +/- 270°
Maximum Focal Distance to Floor 79.7 inches (202.5 cm)
Minimum Focal Distance to Floor 22.6 inches (57.5 cm)
Mobile Unit
Weight 1210 pounds (550 kg)
Size (L x W x H) 53.35 inches x 26.7 inches x 77.6 inches
(1355 mm x 678 mm x 1970 mm)
Touch Screen Console 17″ inch monitor
Anti-collision System Yes, Frontal and Lateral
Motorized Unit Yes, 4 km/h
Motor Drive (Standard) Two (2) independent drive motors, one for each wheel (forward and reverse)
Battery Systems Two (2) independent systems for drive and exposure
Digital Detectors (Tethered) Please contact an authorized representative.
Grid(s) Please contact an authorized representative.
Wireless Options
Digital Detectors (Wireless) Canon CXDI-70C Wireless, CXDI-80C Wireless, CXDI-701C Wireless, CXDI-801C Wireless, CXDI-401C Wireless
Standard Components: Sensor unit, Battery charger, (2) Batteries, AC/DC cable, X-ray interface unit, IR sensor unit