Celebrating 50 Years in Business in 2018!

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 07:05 am by Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales

Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales turns 50 years old in 2018. We couldn't be prouder of this accomplishment and the people who helped us get here. From humble beginnings in 1968, KXS has grown to be one of Michigan's oldest and largest medical imaging service and sales companies. All the while, we've been able to maintain our local, family ownership and culture. 

With a transition from father to son, KXS was founded by Jim White, Sr. as a Siemens Medical branch office here in Kalamazoo in 1967 and, in 1968, became Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales. In 1978, Helen White along with Jim White, Jr. took over the business and began developing it into what is has become today.

In 1996, Jim White, Jr. took over as president of Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales and began a new era of expansion for the company by expanding KXS into markets across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Today, with the help of dedicated staff and the absorption of competitors like Evans-Sherratt in East Michigan, Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales maintains a footprint and staff across the region including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Saginaw, and Detroit. 

Jim White, Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales and Data Guardian's President, had this to say about his time working in the medical Field:

My experience over the last 42 years has taught me many things. The one I value most is the respect and admiration that I have gained for the people in the healthcare profession. Healthcare professionals in general are drawn to their career choices by the desire to help others. These are good-hearted, compassionate people that put themselves in a position to help people during the worst times of their lives. They perform this service humbly day in and day out and never ask for recognition or appreciation. With all of the negative things that take place in our world, I know that God looks down and smiles at these wonderful people and says to himself "yes, this is what I wanted".

In the Spring of 2004, Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales added a new division to the company. Data Guardian, an information management company specializing in secure document destruction, scanning, and records storage, provides additional services for not only our medical clients but business and individuals across the spectrum. Data Guardian is a NAID AAA and Custodial Certified company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

We are thankful to all of those who help get us to where we are today. Here's to another 50 years for Kalamazoo X-Ray Sales.

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