20/20 Imaging Sonon 300L

  • 20/20 Imaging Sonon 300L

20/20 Imaging Sonon 300L

Move Anywhere. Carry Anywhere.

Product Description

With our cable-free technology, any urgent situation, including in the emergency and operating rooms,  can easily be accessed while the transducer itself working as a Wi-Fi that makes it possible to perform where there are no internet or stable electric supplies. The light-weight device makes it possible for easy access with simple performance of Wi-Fi features.

In MSK solutions, the Sonon 300L can use any new networks, Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE to share images (JPEG and DICOM) and video (MPEG4) to other mobile devices between hospitals for assistance.


  • Compact Design Sonon fits right in your hand and easily in your pocket. At just over 300g Sonon's portability allows you to scan everywhere you go.
  • Wireless Connectivity Sonon has no cords or wires, making it easy to carry and connect to iOS and Android devices. 
  • Compatible with PACS By supporting DICOM, SONON is designed to store, manage and transfer images securely through the PACS server.
  • Long Battery Endurance Sonon offers one of the longest scanning times among handheld ultrasound devices: it provides up to 3 hours of continuous scanning with up to 12 hours of standby mode. 
  • Main Unit Specifications
    • Frequency: 5,7.5 and 10MHz
    • Max. Depth: 10cm
    • Imaging Mode: B Mode / Color Mode
    • 370g with Battery
    • Dimensions: 78 x 229 x 38 mm
    • Field of View: 4cm