• AMRAD OTS Classic


The OTS Classic delivers maximum capability and is designed for use in orthopedics, imaging centers,free-standing ERs and hospitals. Technologist-friendly features, such as the one-touch lock release and color-coded annotations make positioning fast, improving patient throughput. Safety features like locks that hold firm in the event of a power outage, the recessed foot pedals on the elevating table and positioning features like the comfortable patient chin rest on the wall stand allow the technologist to focus on the patient improving the quality of the patient experience.

Product Description

Overhead Tube Crane 
Optimally balanced ceiling mounted tube stand makes for featherweight, easy movement Ceiling mounted tube stand for maximum flexibility Recommended ceiling height 9’ to eliminate any positioning challenges Perfect for facilities who have delicate patients with limited agility

J1000 Wallstand 
Ergonomic lock-release for ease of positioning PA Hand grips for patient stability Overhead Patient Grip for positioning ease Conveniently placed chin rest ensures patient comfort and aligns the body to the receptor for upright exams

S222 Table 
650 lb. patient weight capacity Whisper quiet for patient comfort when they need it the most Programmable working height to fit any situation Recessed four pedal design provides easy operation and patient safety