Carestream DRX-Compass

  • Carestream DRX-Compass
  • Carestream DRX-Compass
  • Carestream DRX-Compass

Carestream DRX-Compass

Efficiency. Expandability. Ease of Use. Navigate New Directions in Performance and Flexibility with the DRX-Compass.

Product Description

The DRX-Compass is designed the voice of the customer in mind with the capabilities you need. 

Image Quality: 
  • Provides the pristine images only digital design can provide. 
  • Color-coded buttons on the tube head handle match colors on the overhead rails to technologists know instantly which button controls which movement. 
  • Optional Auto-Centering maximizing ease-of-use and speeds workflow. 
  • Optional Wall Stand angulates -20/90 degrees, for easy patient positioning during cross-table exams. 
  • Scalable and upgradeable technology to help eliminate obsolescence. 
  • Configure the system to meet your facilities needs and exam types. 
Additional Features:
  • ImageView Software offers upgraded cybersecurity. 
  • A full set of features at a practical price supports optimized ROI. 
  • Auto LLI facilitates easy acquisition of long-length imaging. 
  • Image Preview display on the tube head allows technologists to remain with patient during exam. 
  • SmartGrid Image Processing supports pristine image quality at a lower dose without the use of a traditional grid.