Carestream DRX-L Detector

  • Carestream DRX-L Detector

Carestream DRX-L Detector

Rapid. Efficient. Accurate. Faster Long-Length Exams - with a Single Exposure.

Product Description

The Carestream DRX-L Detector allows capture of long-length images with a single exposure - reducing patient dose, saving exam time, speeding workflow, decreasing repeats, and allowing for a higher level of patient comfort. 

The DRX-L Detector operates on ImageView Software, our most advanced software platform designed to save time, enhance productivity and take patient care to new levels. And it uses the same console as your other Carestream systems, so no need to add a second console to your room. 

The Carestream DRX-L Detector is specifically designed for hospitals, imaging centers, and orthopedic practices for use in long-bone and spine imaging. Use the DRX-L Detector to upgrade your current long length imagine to DR for increased productivity and exam efficiency. Its single-shot acquisition improves workflow and speeds up exam time.


The DRX-L Detector is available for use with these Carestream Image-Capture Systems:
  • DRX-Evolution Plus
  • DRX-Evolution 
  • DRX-Ascend/QRad
  • DRX-1 System (In-Room Retrofit)
Additional Components Include:
  • Detector
  • Mobile Detector Transformer Holder or Wall-Mount Detector Transformer Holder* 
  • Grid*
  • Weight Cap*
  • Radiopaque Measuring Ruler* 
*Options - Sold Separately