Carestream DRX-LC

  • Carestream DRX-LC
  • Carestream DRX-LC
  • Carestream DRX-LC

Carestream DRX-LC

Faster Long-Length Exams - with a Single Exposure. 


Product Description

Capturing high-quality, long-term images of legs or spine can be difficult - especially with pediatric patients or patients with limited mobility who find it hard to remain still for an extended period of time. The DRX-LC Detector allows capture of long-length images with a single exposure, while:
  • Reducing patient does. 
  • Saving exam time and speeding workflow.
  • Decreasing retakes. 
  • Allowing a higher level of patient comfort. 


Diagnostic Confidence:
  • Uses Eclipse image processing to deliver extraordinary image quality with consistent presentation. 
  • Provides one unified image, no need for manual stitching or manipulation of the image due to patient movement. 
  • Allows for more accurate measurements and a higher degree of assurance in treatment planning. 
Patient Comfort:
  • Minimizes patient discomfort with a shorter hold time and quicker acquisition of images. 
  • Reduces does by using a single exposure vs. two or three. 
The DRX-LC Detector is available for use with these Carestream Image-Capture systems:
  • DRX-Evolution Plus
  • DRX-Evolution
  • DRX-Ascend/Q-Rad
  • DRX-1 System (in-room retrofit) 
  • Simplifies workflow and set up time as images are acquired with one exposure. 
  • Provides full preview of image in less than a minute to shorten exam time. 
  • Speeds exam times and frees up the exam room faster allowing more patients to be imaged. 
Additional Components Include:
  • Mobile Detector Transformer Holder or Wall-mount Detector Transform Holder*
  • Grid*
  • Weight Cap*
  • Radiopaque Measuring Ruler*
*options - sold separately