Carestream DRX-Revolution Nano

  • Carestream DRX-Revolution Nano

Carestream DRX-Revolution Nano

Carestream’s DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System changed the way the industry thinks about mobile imaging.  Expanding the Carestream portfolio, we have now developed a fully integrated, digital, budget-friendly mobile system.   Called the DRX Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray System, it is designed to deliver both value and performance.

Product Description

The Revolution Nano utilizes Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) Technology, which differs significantly from traditional thermionic tubes.  The CNT emitter used in an X-ray tube consists of a large number of carbon nano tubes arranged vertically on a conductive substrate thus replacing the traditional filament.

CNT technology allows the Revolution Nano to be smaller and more nimble than the DRX-Revolution, making it ideal to maneuver through small patient rooms, crowded hallways or tight spaces in the ICU or NICU.

The DRX-Revolution Nano is ideal for portable chest, ICU, orthopaedic and pediatric imaging. It delivers all of these key advantages:

  • Unique Carbon Nano Tube provides an ultra-light weight design for easy maneuverability and arm positioning
  • Integrated DR technology delivers fast workflow and higher image quality than CR systems, at a lower capital cost
  • “Feather Touch” drive and small footprint make maneuvering and navigating simple and easy.
  • Sleek design offers line-of-sight visibility over the column and around the entire system
  • X-factor design allows detector sharing between rooms or mobile systems
  • Advanced software applications such as Tube and Line Visualization, Pneumothorax Visualization, Bone Suppression, SmartGrid and Pediatric Applications



A Fully Integrated DR Solution.

Driven by powerful DirectView Software, the DRX-Revolution Nano can help speed your workflow, boost your productivity and improve your standard of care-all at an exceptionally affordable price.

  • Carbon Nano Tube Technology
  • Balanced Articulating Arm
  • Lithium ion-Phosphate Battery
  • Battery Powered Exposure
  • Ergonomically Design Bin
  • Detector Bagging Feature
  • LED Collimator Controls
  • Feather Touch Drive
  • Independent Diaphragm