Carestream DRX-Rise Mobile X-Ray System

  • Carestream DRX-Rise Mobile X-Ray System
  • Carestream DRX-Rise Mobile X-Ray System
  • Carestream DRX-Rise Mobile X-Ray System

Carestream DRX-Rise Mobile X-Ray System

Delivering On the Promise of Mobile DR

Product Description

The DRX-Rise Mobile X-Ray System has arrived. If you have budget constraints - but refuse to compromise on quality - this fully integrated unit delivers all the key benefits of mobile DR. Achieve new levels of productivity, image quality and enhanced patient care. 
  • Lithium battery provides the power for non-stop productivity, allowing your team to drive father and capture more images with a single charge. 
  • Two work zones include a large main display and a  tube head display that keeps key controls at our fingertips and let users control the system without leaving the patient's side. 
  • The ImageView Software Eclipse engine leverages AI and proprietary algorithms for pristine image quality and unrivaled dose control.
  • Bedside imaging minimizes disruption and vastly improves the patient experience. 


AI-Based Image Processing:
  • ImageView Software, powered by Eclipse, leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary algorithms for unrivaled diagnostic confidence. 
  • SmartGrid delivers image quality similar to that of a grid, with no physical grid required. 
  • A wide range of specialized software offers tube and line visualization, pneumothorax, bone oppression, and more. 
  • Long-lasting lithium battery lets you drive farther and perform more exams on a single charge. 
  • Lightweight and easy-to-maneuver, the system moves smoothly throughout busy facilities and easily handles inclines or barriers.
  • Automatic braking technology senses impacts and safely stops the system. 
Ease of Operation:
  • Two work zones - a large main display and a tube head display - keep key controls at the technologist's fingertips. 
  • Secondary drive controls on the tube head allow technologists to make small positioning adjustments directly from the tube. 
  • A user-friendly collimator allows smooth adjustment, with bright LEDs ensuring visibility of collimation borders. 
  • Built-in storage bins keep essential supplies within reach to boost convenience and speed workflow. 
  • An in-bin charging option accelerates workflows with charging of two stored detectors. 
  • Optional, wireless exposure switch lets radiographers control the collimator light and exposure remotely.