• Del Medical DELWORKS LLI


World's first monolithic full-length flat panel detector. 

The DELWORKS LLI is a dose efficient alternative to multi-aquisition image stitching or single exposure long length CR cassettes for full spine or long bone studies. Thanks to highly sensitive AED technology the DELWORKS LLI can also be used for other routine exams by simply collimating to the region of interest anywhere on the detector. The DELWORKS LLI is ligthweight and portable, allowing it to be easily re-positioned for upright or supine studies. 

Product Description

Benefits of DELWORKS LLI 

  • Monolithic Detector: DELWORKS LLI is composed of one single piece of glass, rather than multiple overlapping detectors housed together. 
  • Single Exposure: The LLI detector enables full length image capture of 42x17 inches in just one exposure. 
  • Improve Workflow Efficiency: No need to reposition and align the tube and wall stand between exposures or worry about proper image overlap. 
  • Technologist and Radiologist Peace of Mind: No worry concerning stitching accuracy. No possibility of lateral misalignment, lengthening or shortening as with multi-acquisition stitching methods. 
  • Dose Reduction: One single exposure vs. 2-5 separate acquisitions with typical multi-image stitching. Patient dose can be cut in half. 
  • Improved Efficiency of DR vs CR: Full image display in 9 seconds. No need to scan multiple CR plates and stitch or scan both ends of long CR cassette. 
  • Portability: At just 23 lbs, DELWORKS LLI detector is easily moved from an upright holder to a table or gurney for supine studies. 
  • Wireless or Wired: DELWORKS LLI can be used both wirelessly or wired with its easily connected magnetic cable for both trickle charge and image data transfer. 
  • Charging: DELWORKS LLI's data transfer and trickle charging cable keeps the panel charged at all times. If operating in wireless mode, the panel is fully charged in 3 hours via magnetic cable connection. 
  • Extensive Battery Life: Up to 11 hours of battery life in wireless standby mode. 
  • 5-year Standard Warranty: DELWORKS LLI includes 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects. 


Dimensions: 44" x 18" x 0.8" (112 cm x 46.5 cm x 2 cm)

Active Image Area: 42" x 17" (108 cm x 43 cm)

Detector Technology: a-Si

Scintillator: Gadolinium Oxysulfide 

Pixel Pitch: 140 um 

Spatial Resolution: 3.6 LP/mm

Water Resistance: IPX3

Weight: 23 lbs. 

Image Transfer: Wireless or Wired