Del Medical OTC12S

  • Del Medical OTC12S

Del Medical OTC12S

The Del Medical OTC12S is our premier imaging suite designed for high demand imaging environments such as hospitals and urgent care centers. This high-throughput imaging suite offers complete versatility and reliability. The durable OTC12 overhead tube crane with auto tracking to the elevating table and wall stand with tilting bucky can readily accommodate all general purpose radiographic procedures. Add a DelWorks DR Package for increased efficiency.

Product Description

OTC12 Overhead Tube Crane

This overhead mounted support allows for the most flexible and affordable configuration choices in radiography. Sturdy and reliable, it is ideal for high-throughput environments such as hospitals, emergency rooms and high volume out patient facilities.

  • Touch screen display for SID, angulation and generator control
  • ACSS (Automatic Cassette Size Sensing)
  • Motorized vertical axis
  • Auto tracking to table and wall stand
  • Telescoping arm allows for small focus-to-ceiling distance
  • Ergonomic design with easy movements for fast, accurate positioning
  • Electromagnetic lock for telescopic lift and transverse track
  • Integrated lock function
  • Automatic collimator with laser line localizer and integrated measuring tape
  • 600kHU 0.6-1.0mm x-ray tube

RAD TC Elevating Table

The Del Medical RAD TC is a versatile elevating table with four-way float and motorized height adjustment. Features include:

  • The table locks and height adjustment are controlled via a footswitch that can be programmed to the user’s needs during the installation process
  • For improved patient access, an optional second kick switch can be mounted to the backside of the table
  • Ergonomically rounded edges on bucky tray for patient and operator safety
  • Patients up to 6ft-2in (190cm) in height and 617lb (280kg) in weight can be examined from head to toe without repositioning
  • The Automatic Exposure Control System helps to avoid repeat exposures

WS04 Tilting Wall Stand ï‚Ÿ

  • Tracking unit for motorized movement of X-ray tube assembly
  • Tiltable bucky from +90° (horizontal position) to –20°
  • Large vertical travel range allows exposures of patients up to 6ft-1in (190cm) height
  • Receptor lowers to floor to accommodate a full range of upright radiographic procedures
  • Accessible from left or right with easy ergonomic one-hand operation
  • Patient handgrips, two lateral and one removeable overhead
  • Counter balanced for smooth vertical movement