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Del Medical Vision

Vision is a high performance conventional R/F system from Villa Sistemi Medicali designed to perform all kinds of R/F studies with maximum efficiency and ease.

Product Description

Thanks toits flexibility, user friendliness and compact dimensions Vision is the ideal choice for a "light" R/F system. Vision can be equipped with different high frequency generators with power levels from 50 to 80kW and a wide range of X-ray tubes that can be chosen to comply with the requirements of your R/F room.

The design of Vision has been specially focused on the Spot Film Device, fully microprocessor controlled with in-line and cross divisions, able to cover all routine applications. The front-loading cassette tray is power assisted, cassette loading and unloading can be performed using just one hand. Fast and accurate cassette positioning assures fast switching between fluoro and exposure mode. The under-table multi-leaf collimator is provided with an automatic SID compensation system that ensures a high accuracy of the irradiated area.