FerrAlert Encompass

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  • FerrAlert Encompass
  • FerrAlert Encompass

FerrAlert Encompass

FerrAlert provides the most reliable detection and prevention of ferromagnetic threats from entering the MRI room (Zone IV). FerrAlert detectors are recognized to be the most accurate ferromagnetic detectors for MRI, due to their exclusive object location-specific feature.

Product Description

The imaging system is configured and positioned in a location to allow simultaneous viewing inside the MRI scanner room as well as the approach to the scanner room. The FerrAlert Encompass features: 
  • Daily Report: From the dashboard tab, the date is selected and then reporting indicates the number of non-ferrous transports and all recorded events. 
  • Incidents: From the View Incidents tab, incidents with and without injuries are listed as well as other information including object type and damage are viewable. 
  • Tracking Trends: From the Statistics tab, you can view incidents which involved patient transports in which injuries or damaged were caused. This information is plotted. 


Additional unique features: 
  • Intelligent Pre-Warning on approach as well outside the magnet room. 
  • Instantly pinpoints location of the ferromagnetic threat. 
  • No intimate contact required. 
  • Alarms are visible from inside and outside the magnet room.