FerrAlert HALO II Plus

  • FerrAlert HALO II Plus
  • FerrAlert HALO II Plus

FerrAlert HALO II Plus

FerrAlert provides the most reliable detection and prevention of ferromagnetic threats from entering the MRI room (Zone IV). The new HALO II Plus package dramatically reduces alarm fatigue by not alarming on the MRI door and ferromagnetic objects exiting the MRI room. In addition, FerrAlert HALO II Plus accepts our new accessory Ferromagnetic Incident Log Manager, which assists with Root Cause Analysis and facilities compliance to the new Joint Commission standard.

Product Description

Unique FerrAlert Features: 
  • Intelligent Pre-Warning on approach well outside the magnet room. 
  • Instantly pinpoints location of the ferromagnetic threat. 
  • No intimate contact required. 
  • Alarms are visible from inside and outside the magnet room. 
  • Mounts unobtrusively with both in-swing and out-swing doors. 
  • Alarm lights are not blocked by outward swinging door. 
  • Continuous magnetic disturbance monitoring. 
  • Adjustable sensitivity and audio alarm levels. 
  • Conforms to applicable recommendations and standards by FDA, ACR, AAMI, Joint Commission, FGI, and VA. 
  • 18 fast and accurate detection zones locating ferromagnetic threat. 
  • Comprehensive self-test function. 
  • FerrAlert approved patient transport equipment will not trigger an alarm. 


  • Height: 83"
  • Depth: 2.25"
  • Adjustable Width: 44" to 54" inside, 46" to 59" outside. Other width ranges are available. 
  • Complies with ES60601-1-8 International Standards for Medical Device Alarms. 
  • Medical Power Supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 42 Watts. 
  • Audio Alarm: In portal, adjustable volume. 
  • Photoelectric Sensors: Activates Audio Alarm only when portal threshold is cross by a ferromagnetic threat, and only on objects entering the MRI room; not those exiting.