Konica AeroDR XE

  • Konica AeroDR XE

Konica AeroDR XE

Konica Minolta’s 14″x17″ XE detector is designed to address the physical and clinical challenges of imaging performed outside of the traditional radiology department by providing unparalleled reliability and high capacity to help maximize patient outcomes, productivity and return on investment.  AeroDR XE 14″x17″ detector combined with CS-7 Software delivers the maximum potential for providers to achieve dose efficiency and increase image quality through a robust enterprise caliber user interface.

Product Description

Extra durability, long power cell life and high dose sensitivity for portable use in the ER/trauma center, ICU, CCU and other extreme environments.

  • Charges to full power in 30 minutes and lasts up to 8.2 hours (300 images)
  • Designed to withstand bends, bumps, drops, loads and liquids
  • Automatic exposure detection requires no X-ray generator cable connection

Whatever your specialty and clinical environment, Konica Minolta has Digital Radiography solutions that help you make better decisions sooner—fitting your needs now and helping move your practice forward.


Increase uptime with one of the most durable panels on the market. Simple workflows help clinicians see more patients in less time, so you recover costs quickly. Plus our signature excellence in service helps keep your equipment operating optimally—and your cost of ownership low.


Make more decisive diagnoses, with exceptional image quality enabled by a combination of high detective quantum efficiency (DQE), advanced image processing software and improved dose efficiency. Industry-leading processing time gives you more immediate results to share with patients.


The highly intuitive AeroDR user interface keeps technology out of the way, so clinicians can work more efficiently and spend more time with patients. AeroDR easily integrates into new and existing X-ray equipment, including multidetector rooms and portables. Optional wired connection and roaming capabilities allow you to share panels between devices, maximizing installation flexibility and system utility.


Available in 14” x 17”