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Konica AeroRemote

AeroRemote™ is a cloud-based, real-time monitoring service for AeroDR® Systems that detects and reports critical and ongoing performance issues. AeroRemote allows you to act on urgent situations immediately and address potential system or user issues before they become problems.

Product Description

AeroRemote™ helps facilities better manage their AeroDR® investments by continuously monitoring for unexpected events and by recording usage details. This enables immediate response to critical issues, can provide advance warning of coming concerns, and provides metrics on technologist usage and performance. The predictive nature of AeroRemote helps address issues before they become problems.



Real-time monitoring of system parameters and events—from drop detection to component performance—lets you make better-informed support decisions, faster, while encouraging proper user handling. Better for your patients, better for your practice.


Receive instant email alerts when urgent events, such as dropped panels, happen. Respond immediately and effectively, minimizing downtime and disruption.


Monthly reports detailing system usage and personnel productivity for at-a-glance information helps you run a more efficient operation, support user best practices, and make the most of your AeroDR® imaging assets. The reports provide details by system and by user:

  • Panel drop counts
  • Component health indicators
  • OS notifications
  • Exam counts
  • Reject/repeat analysis
  • Exposure level statistics


With AeroRemote™, you’ll receive a real-time email notification when an AeroDR® panel is dropped or bumped. Users are prompted by the AeroDR® Control Station to run a panel check tool that gives an immediate result.
If the panel is damaged, a replacement is delivered via same-day or overnight shipping. Even installation is fast and easy. Simply insert the replacement AeroDR® panel into the docking station, select the Quick Replacement option, and follow the instructions. In a matter of minutes you’ll be ready for your next patient.