Konica Floor Mounted DR System

  • Konica Floor Mounted DR System

Konica Floor Mounted DR System

The Konica floor-mounted system has a table and a floor-to-wall-mounted central column that supports the vertical movement of the X-ray system with a swivel arm. This traditional design requires a fixed table but still fits relatively small spaces.

Product Description

Superior image quality

The Floor Mounted Digital Radiography System captures high-resolution images in seconds. Combined with Ultra, the state-of-the art Konica Minolta imaging software, the end result is detailed bone and soft-tissue visualization for a complete diagnostic picture from a single exposure.

Floor mounted design

The Table and Wall stand are designed to provide flexibility in a digital system designed to meet your clinical and economic needs.

Workflow flexibility

The Table and Wall stand combination enables all imaging views required for general radiology accommodating patients who are standing, sitting or lying on the table

Comprehensive Coverage for Peace of Mind

To minimize downtime, maximize productivity and mitigate risk over a long functional life, the Konica Minolta Blue Moon Select plan for the Floor Mounted Digital Radiography System goes beyond typical warranty coverage by including DR panel protection, software updates, onsite service, remote applications, and 24 /7 technical assistance. One simple plan. No worries. Sign up at the system point of sale for the lowest five-year cost of ownership.


Floor Mounted Tube Stand Collimator Elevating Table
Manual movement with fully counterbalanced tube arm Manual control with square field and 6 pairs of lead-lined shutters Dimensions: Table top 86.6" x 31.5" (220 x 80 cm) Height variable from 21.0" to 35.4" (50 to 90 cm) Table top-to-film distance 3.3" ( 8.5 cm) Radiographic coverage >78.7" (>200 cm)
Travel: Longitudinal 79" (201 cm) Transverse 11.8" (30 cm) with center detent Vertical 59" (150 cm) Tube rotation ± 150°, detents at ± 90°, 0° Column rotation ± 180°, detents at ± 90°, 0° LED field light – 100 W, 24 VAC Manual, 4-way floating top
Longitudinal travel 47.2", +19.7", -23.6" (120 cm +50 cm, -60 cm)
Transverse table top travel 9.8" ± 5" (25 cm ± 12.5 cm)
Bucky travel 20" (51 cm) total center-to-center
Longitudinal, traverse, vertical and rotational electromagnetic lock buttons 2.0 mm Aluminum inherent filtration Electromagnetic brakes Full-length foot switch lock controls along table base
Spot to floor distance: 15.7" – 79.5" (40 – 202 cm) DAP integration option Laminated structure (according to EN 438 standard) Tabletop Al. equivalence <1 mm Al. at 100 kVp Table top weight limit ~727 lbs. (350 kg)