Quantum Q-Rad DRX Series - Floor Mounted Systems

  • Quantum Q-Rad DRX Series - Floor Mounted Systems

Quantum Q-Rad DRX Series - Floor Mounted Systems

Q-Rad-Digital DRX-Series Floor Mounted Systems: are the ideal choice for the busy imaging centers,orthopedic facilities or hospitals. The advanced features and unique design aspects of the system allow the technologist to fully concentrate onthe patient during the exam.

The “DRX Series” incorporates advanced operational and ergonomic features, with virtually unlimited positioning capabilities.

Product Description

Motorized Auto-Tracking Technology
MAT Technology is available as an option with Quantum’s QS-550 Floor-Mounted Tubes Stand.  The QS-550-MAT provides motorized synchronization between the central beam of the X-Ray and the center of the image receptor, keeping them in proper alignment.
This feature allows the technologist to save time and effort, by eliminating the need to constantly align the Tubestand to the Wallstand and/or Table, while ensuring precision.
By using “Q-TRACK” (Auto-Tracking/Servo Kits for the Elevating Table & Wallstand) automatically maintains the proper source to image-receptor distance (SID) with the elevating table during vertical adjustments and once the tube is centered to the wall stand, with MAT, the tube remains centered to the wall stand automatically tracking to the various heights of the Wall Stand.

• Faster patient positioning
• Increased patient throughput
• Increased patient safety for patients that are only able to stand for short periods of time
• Better imaging accuracy, since the x-ray beam maintains constant alignment with the center of the image receptor


QS-550 Deluxe Floor Mounted Tubestand:
• Floor Mounted tubestand with 10 ft. long tracks and 98" (249 cm) of longitudinal travel
• Deluxe Handgrips: multi-function, fingertip controls for horizontal, vertical, transverse, and longitudinal movements
That incorporates a 10” high quality display screen providing with multi-function switches
• Includes “All Locks” release switch and auto-stop sensor for horizontal/vertical adjustments
• Vertical Travel of 60.5" (154 cm) with minimum floor to focus distance of 13.75" (35 cm)
• FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking system and integral counterbalancing ensure safe, easy use
• Column Rotation (+/- 180°), Transverse Arm (10 inch travel)
• Tube Angulations of +/- 135° with detents at 0°, +/- 90°
• Cable concealment and management system
*Specifications are subject to change

QT-750-D “QUIET-LIFT” Elevating/Float-Top Radiographic Table:
• 650 lb. (295.5 kg) Patient Weight Capacity
• Elevating Range of 21" – 32.5" (53 – 83 cm) w/collision avoidance electronics & safety lock-out control switch
• Tabletop length: 85" (216 cm) with 30.5" (77.5 cm) of longitudinal travel
• Tabletop width: 35.5" (90 cm) with 11.5" (29.2 cm) of transverse travel
• “Flat-Top” Table design for easy patient transfer and cleaning, with low absorption material
• FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking system ensure safe, easy use
• Recessed Foot Switches and Multi-Function Hand Control, for ALL table movements (Floating and Elevating)
• Includes adjustable patient handgrips, mounted along concealed accessory rails on the sides of table
• Power input: 115 VAC/60 Hz/single phase/10 Amp (Specify for Intl use: 220 VAC / single phase / 50Hz)
*Specifications are subject to change

QW-420-D “VERTI-Q-DIGITAL” Digital Vertical Wall Stand
• Features the exclusive “EZ-Glide” Hand control for easy and precise movement, grip rotates +105°
• Custom enclosed frame for attractive appearance includes patient chin rest
• Low absorption front cover material with cassette and AEC Indicators
• Vertical Travel: 60.0 (±1.0)" (1524.0 mm) with a 15.0 (±0.5)" (381.0 mm) minimum Focal Spot-to-Floor Distance
• FAIL-SAFE electromagnetic braking system plus integral counterbalancing, ensure safe and easy use
• Accepts cassette sizes of up to 14" x 17" (35 x 43 cm)
NOTE: Specify either Right or Left Hand Loading
*Specifications are subject to change