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Sorna SE

Low-cost, efficient, reliable DICOM DISC publishing system with custom disc labeling.The system consists of Vertex Server software, unlimited Vertex Client, and Vertex IHE Media Importer licenses. Query & Build, Automated DICOM, and System Backup profiles are provided by default. Also included is a pre-configured PC with monitor, keyboard, and mouse. DISC label design software and all necessary cabling is also provided.

Product Description

301-080013: Sorna-Certified CD-R, White Inkjet, Qty 1000
301-081013: Sorna-Certified DVD-R, White Inkjet, Bulk, Qty 300
201-053335: Color Ink Cartridge 3 per order
201-153335: Color Ink Cartridge 1 per order
201-004767: Paper DISC Holder, Window, Flap, Qty 1000


Production Use: Light
Input Capacity: 1 bin: 20 DISCs
Output Capacity: 5 DISCs open bin / 20 DISCs closed bin
Recorder(s): 1 recorder: burns CD-R or DVD-R
Printing Technology: High-Resolution Inkjet
Required Media: Standard Inkjet
Media Produced: CD-R or DVD-R
Height (in): 11.4
Width (in): 3.7
Depth (in): 12.3
Voltage (v): 110
Frequency (hz): 60
Power (w): 240
Weight (lb): 39
Monitor (19” Overall)
Height (in): 14.2
Width (in): 13.7
Depth (in): 6.8
Voltage (v): 110
Frequency (hz): 60
Power (w): 90
Weight (lb): 14
Printer: Autoloader
Height (in):7
Width (in): 15
Depth (in): 14.75
Voltage (v): 110-240
Frequency (hz): 60
Power (w): 60
Weight (lb): 11.5