Summit InnoVet Versa

  • Summit InnoVet Versa

Summit InnoVet Versa

Versa is the premier x-ray system for a practice that plans on upgrading to digital imaging in the future.

Product Description

A broad table design and high-frequency generator can accommodate almost any DICOM compliant digital receptor so no additional space is required. 

Versa also comes with an easy-to-use cassette tray that fits a range of cassettes. The unique collimator is easy to operate with gloved hands and also meets the Federal Radiation Leakage requirement for human applications. 

The x-ray tube can be lowered to table-height and turned a full 90 degrees for standing lateral exams. The x-ray tube and cassette tray move in tandem across the entire length of the table so you can adjust the central ray, not the patient.


For practices with heavy patient volume, Versa offers options that improve precision and speed up your workflow. Options include:

  • Four-Way Float Top Table
  • Hands-Free Collimator Light 
  • Anatomical Programming 
  • Foot-Treadle Exposure Switch
  • Lead-Lined Cassette Storage Bins
  • Table-Level Liquid Trough 
  • Additional Power- up to 500 mA