Summit InnoVet Versa DR

  • Summit InnoVet Versa DR

Summit InnoVet Versa DR

The Versa design serves aesthetic, acoustic, and protective purposes. Versa DR sets a new standard in digital radiography. It's a complete digital system incorporated into the most attractive and safety-concsious exterior on the market. Like all InnoVet products, Versa can be customized to mee the specific needs of your practice. 

Product Description

Versa DR features superior image quality with the lowest patient dosage. It also featuers the lowest overall cost of ownership in our most compact and powerful digital offering to date with a 20% smaller footprint. Additionally, it features a user-friendly DICOM compliant imaging software that integrates seamlessly with most practice management softwares. 

Versa's signature high-density and durable plastic exterior showcases a glossy finish that is easy to clean and never rusts. Versa's unique molded corners prevent hip-level bruising that is common to veterinary technicians. A fully-encased tubestand and cover safeguard staff & patients from exposed electrical wires. 

Table-level animal restraints, which come standard, minimize unnecessary technician exposure to radiation. Both Versa and Versa DR come standard with a high-frequency generator and versatile integrated tubestand. 




For practices with heavy patient volume, Versa DR offers options that improve precision and speed up your workflow. Options include: 

  • Four-Way Float Top Table
  • Hands-Free Collimator Light 
  • Anatomical Programming 
  • Foot-Treadle Exposure Switch 
  • Lead-Lined Side Storage Bins
  • Table-Level Liquid Trough 
  • Various Digital Detector Options 
  • Various Image Acquisition Software Options
  • Additional Power - up to 500 mA