Vieworks / Medlink Jade Mobile System

  • Vieworks / Medlink Jade Mobile System
  • Vieworks / Medlink Jade Mobile System
  • Vieworks / Medlink Jade Mobile System

Vieworks / Medlink Jade Mobile System

A Portable Radiographic Solution featuring the VIVIX-S 1417 Wireless DR Panel and the Award-Winning Acquisition Software, VXvuew. 

Product Description

A powerful, innovative, highly versatile portable x-ray system that is ideal for a variety of clinical uses. The compact, powerful system comes complete with a powerful 4kW high-frequency generator and is thoughtfully designed and is assured to increase efficiency as well as maximize workflow. The system includes the VIVIX Wireless 1417W DR Panel and a customized acquisition laptop with advanced image processing and the award-winning VXvue imaging software. 

The simple, user-friendly design comes with an easy-to-use operator console, three-way control, two-step foldable stand, and auto-lock system. The operator console comes with a pre-programmed 9-condition ARP tool, two-point control, auto-calibration, and remote diagnosis. 

The VIVIX 1417W Wireless DR Panel and customized laptop come with an active area of 14" x 17" and high spacial resolution with 140um pixel array. The automatic exposure detection is stable and reliable with fast wireless communication by IEEE 802.11n (Inside AP). The viewer software runs on Windows OS. The ready-to-go, customized Dell Latitude laptop is individually stayed, has the bloatware removed, is optimized for VIVIX software, and is quality tested with a Toughbook Tablet upgrade available. 

The VXvue acquisition software is an award-winning intelligent software solution that utilizes the most advanced imaging processing, complete with: 
  • Ten (10) LAN - Local Area Network Viewers
  • DICOM Send - Multi-Destination, Dicom Print
  • DICOM MWL Modality Work-list
  • User-Friendly Tough GUI
  • Various Measurement Tools, including: 
    • Auto and Manual Selection
    • Archive 
    • Image Preview
    • Archive
  • Image Export - DICOM, JPEG, TIG, and BMP w/wo Viewer


  • Control: 2 Point Control (kV, mAs)
  • Anatomical Programs: Preprogrammed 9 ARP data - User Programmable 
  • Collimator: Manual with 19W LED Lightsource and 30 second LED lamp timer
  • Stand: Foldable, two-step, vehicle loadable with wheel lock 
  • Tube Arm: Automatic tube arm lock at any angle 
  • Weight: 119 lbs including X-Ray unit, collimator, and stand 
  • Power Cord Length: 15 feet 
  • Generator Type: Microprocessor controlled high frequency inverter 
  • Constant Potential kW Rating: 4.0 
  • kVp Range: 40 to 120 kVp
  • mA Range: 10 to 100mA, 11 step (10, 12.6, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 64, 80, 100mA)
  • mAs Range: .01 - 250 mAs, 35Step (in 25% Steps)
  • Exposure Time Range: 0.001 - 10 seconds
  • Tube Type: Stationary Anode
  • Dual Focal Spot Size: 0.5 / 1.5 mm
  • X-Ray Switching Frequency: 100 kHz
  • DR Panel: VIVIX-S 1417W Wireless
  • Laptop: Dell Latitude Laptop
  • Warranty: 5 Years - Panel / 3 Years - Laptop / 2 Years - Jade Hardware