Vieworks / Medlink MI-2-X System

  • Vieworks / Medlink MI-2-X System

Vieworks / Medlink MI-2-X System

Floor-Ceiling Radiographic X-Ray Unit perfect for urgent care, private practice, or imaging centers. 

Product Description

The MI-2-X system can perform a broad range exams while optimizing technologist productivity and patient workflow. With a 32kW high frequency generator, elevating 4-way float top table, and wall stand, this system provides simplicity and functionality. The user-friendly design has an easy-to-read LCD screen that shows SID continuous to table-top and table reception with an SID of 40" and 72" to the wallstand. Cross-table views are easily handled by using the rotational and transverse positioning capabilities and the 10' floor track allows for off-table and weight-bearing exams and is customizable down to 8'. 

With four floor pedals, the flat, four-way floating top allows easy accessibility and table locking for the easy transfer and positioning of patients. The wall stand allows for center or side-mount for patient and/or configuration flexibility.



  • 32KW High Frequency Generator
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • kVp range from 40 kVp to 125 kVp
  • mA range from 50mA to maximum 500 mA
  • mAs range from 0.1 mAs to 500 mAs 38 mA stations
  • Step-up transformer for 208-240VAC

Tube Head Contols:

  • Angulations dial with operator hand-grips
  • Controls for electric locks

Tube Stand Specs:

  • Floor-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling mount with 8 ft. rails
  • Platform tube mount
  • Angulations dial, operator hand grips, and electric locks
  • Minimum ceiling height 89 in
  • 11 in. minimum (focal spot to floor)
  • 78 in. maximum vertical travel
  • Operates on 24 VDC

Four-Way Float Top Table

  • 400 lbs. patient rating *Table can be upgraded up to 650 lbs. patient rating.
  • Electric locks with foot operated contro
  • Heavy duty manual cassette tray
  • 17 in. par speed Bucky
  • Grid 103 lines, ratio 10:1
  • Power supply table: 110 VAC

Wall Bucky Specs:

  • 17 in. par speed Bucky
  • Heavy duty manual cassette tray
  • Grid 103 lines, ratio 10:1
  • Electric locks
  • Grid 103LP 10:1 Ratio


  • Certified manual Collimator without swivel
  • Electronic Timer
  • Bucky Centering Light

X-ray Tube:

  • Rotating anode 16 degree low speed
  • Dual focal spots:  small focus 1.0 / large focus 2.0
  • Maximum tensions 125 kVp
  • Anode heat capacity 140 kHU


  • 5 Years - X-ray System and Generator parts
  • 5 Years (prorated) - X-ray Tube