Vieworks / Medlink URS Straight Arm

  • Vieworks / Medlink URS Straight Arm
  • Vieworks / Medlink URS Straight Arm
  • Vieworks / Medlink URS Straight Arm
  • Vieworks / Medlink URS Straight Arm
  • Vieworks / Medlink URS Straight Arm

Vieworks / Medlink URS Straight Arm

An Affordable, Compact Full Room Solution featuring the VIVIX-S 1717V DR Panel and the award-winning Acquisition Software VXvue.

Product Description

Offering advanced digital x-ray capabilities with a minimal footprint, the URS Straight Arm is perfect for facilities with 8' ceilings as the system itself is less than 7' tall. The floor-to-wall column with rotating arm and variable-height center is counter-balanced to facilitate smooth transitions. With this system, patients can be exposed standing, sitting, and lying down with the system's flexible design and wide-range of movement and motorized SID adjustment from 40" to 72". This system comes equipped with at 40kW high-frequency generator, the VIVIX 1717V fixed panel detector, and customized Dell workstation with VXvue acquisition software. 

The URS Straight Arm comes with a durable powder-coated finish, Canon x-ray tube, and carbon interspaced, 103 line pair anti-scatter x-ray grid. The tube head comes with a LCD screen that displays SID and angle of tube rotation and a conveniently-placed all-lock release sensor located on the tube handle that, when grabbed, unlocks the system. The system can be plugged into a residential power outlet, meaning there is no need to worry about adding additional power to your space. 

The VIVIX 1717V fixed DR panel has an active area of 17" x 17". Being fixed means there is no need to remove it for any positions and reduces the risk of damage from drops. With a high spacial resolution of 140um pixel array and stable and reliable automatic exposure detection, you know you'll always have fast and accurate image acquisition. 

The award-winning VXvue acquisition viewer is an intelligent software solution that utilizes the most advanced imaging processing. It offers: Ten LAN (Local Area Network) viewers, DICOM send with multi-destination dicom print, DICOM MWL modality work-list, user-friendly touch GUI, and various measurement tools, including: 
  • Auto and Manual selection
  • Archive
  • Image Preview
  • Archive 


Motorized Movement

Source to Image Distance (SID) control with arm elevating movement at vertical

Source to Image

100~180cm / 40~72 Inch (Continuously Adjustable)

Verticle Travel

Max. 120cm / 47.2 Inch

Arm Rotation Angle


Tube Rotation


Detector Rotation


Power Requirement

120VAC or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1000VA


Manual Control


18.5" x 18.5"; 10:1 Ratio; 103LPI

Generator Type

High Frequency

Power Output


Power Input

208/230VAC, Three Phase

kVp Step

40 to 125kVp

mA Step




Tube Type

Anode Rotating Type

Focal Spot


Operating Voltage


Target Angle


Anode Heat Content

200KHU (210KJ)

Operating Temperature


Dr Panel

VIVIX-S 1717V Wireless


Customized Dell Workstation

  • CPU: Intel i7 Quad Core Processor

  • RAM: 16GB DDR4

  • OS: 256GB SSD

  • DATA: 1TB or 2TB Raid1

24" Touchscreen Monitor


5 Years - Panel & Workstation

5 Years - URS Unit

5 Years - (prorated) X-ray Tube

Optional Configurations

1)  Table: 78" x 29" x 28"

2)  AEC Upgrade

3)  X-Ray Tube 7252 Upgrade

4) 50kW High Frequency Generator Console Upgrade

5)  65kW High Frequency Generator Console Upgrade

6)  80kW High Frequency Generator Console Upgrade