Vieworks / Medlink VIVIX-S 1417N

  • Vieworks / Medlink VIVIX-S 1417N

Vieworks / Medlink VIVIX-S 1417N

Mulit-purpose portable flat panel detector for digital radiography. 

Product Description

VIVIK-S 1417N is designed with robust mechanical parts to provide better product durability. Built-in wireless communication supports IEEE 802.11as to acquire images without a wired connection, anytime and anywhere. 3 powerful high-gain antennas give wider coverage and better performance. 2 lithium ion battery packs run the system continuously for over 8 hours (16 hours in sleep mode). it can be "hot swapped", and VIVIK-S 1417N batteries are absolutely compatible with all of the other N series. A wireless access point inside the detector makes it truly portable. Users can operate the detector through laptop or workstation. The detector can save the achieved images up to 200. 


Model Name



a-Si TFT with photodiode


CsI:Tl / Gd2O2S:Tb

Pixel Pitch

140 ㎛

Spatial Resolution

3.5 lp/㎜


2560 x 3072 pixels

Image Size

14" x 17"

(35.8 ㎝ x 43.0 ㎝)


16 bit

Image Acquisition Time

Wired: 1.5 s

Wireless: 3 s

Recommended Cycle Time

10 s

Data Interface

Gigabit Ethernet

IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac

X-ray Generator Interface

Line trigger: DR trigger Mode

Auto trigger: AED Mode


38.4 ㎝ x 46.0 ㎝ x 1.5 ㎝


2.9 kg (including battery)


Lithium Ion 3100 mAh x 2

8 h (Capturing)

Dust and Water Resistant


X-ray Voltage Range

40 - 150 kVp

Operating Environment

10℃ to 35℃

30 % to 85 % RH (non-condensing)


DC 24 V, 1.0 A